American Video Group is a Los Angeles based video and multimedia communications company
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American Video Group’s Award-Winning Team

bp_headshots_jbLocated in Los Angeles, California, American Video Group produces a wide variety of creative video products, including direct response television commercials, corporate videos, music videos and documentaries. As an independent video production company, American Video Group works hard to be more flexible and affordable than most major competitors.

John Berzner, President and CEO, brings over thirty years experience in video and film to the AVG team and formed the company in 1982 with the goal of creating quality of video productions at prices within the reach of both small businesses and large corporate clients. John Berzner, is a hands-on producer, director and writer, and personally directs all phases of development, production and distribution.

After completing his Undergraduate Studies at New York Institute of Technology in Communications Arts / Business Administration, John Berzner began making documentary films. He returned to Los Angeles and formed American Video Gram, which was later changed to American Video Group – LA Video Production Company.

He is the recipient of the Virgin Island Film Festival’s Silver Eagle Award and the Atlanta Film Festival’s Golden Eagle Award for documentary films, as well as two gold, three silver, and two bronze awards from the Houston International Film Festival. His TV credits include: VH-1 ” Salute To The Songwriter” Awards, the sitcom “The Color of Success” starring Morris Day and “Bob Mann’s Automatic Golf” sports series, for national syndication.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, John Berzner is considered one of the industry’s leading producers with over 20 programs to his credit, including “Heart of a Hero”, with host Pat O’Brien, featuring Mickey Mantle and Joe Montana, Hydrofloss with Wil Shriner, and “Road to Personal Riches” starring Terry Cole-Whittaker.

Our Creative/Production Team represents some of the best talent available, responsible for numerous DRTV successes in several categories. American Video Group has been involved in over 200 campaigns that have generated over $650 million dollars in revenue. American Video Group’s purpose is to provide professional services in the area of both broadcast and non-broadcast video.

American Video Group hires only the best seasoned cameramen, writers, and technicians to maintain the highest standards of professional production. Please contact us at (213) 400-4900 for a free consultation.

Team Members

Michael Paragon
– Webmaster/Internet Marketing, Michael Paragon oversees website development, internet marketing, search engine & social marketing and digital asset management.  Michael Paragon is a uniquely talented marketer and has managed and launched hundreds of consumer products and brand campaigns in multiple industries.

Linda S. York
- Creative Director / Writer, Linda is a passionate, highly versatile, health, beauty and lifestyle executive marketer with proven success in developing innovative, actionable content and compelling programs that engage customers.


Joe Feldman
- Branding Strategist/Creative, Joe is a highly talented creative strategist who has strategically planned and branded a plethora of well noted companies. Some of the accounts in his portfolio include Nissan, Infiniti, Toyota, Kia, Jack in the Box, Activision, IKEA and Pioneer Home.