American Video Group is a Los Angeles based video and multimedia communications company
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Infomercials and DRTV

American Video Group  provides creative video production for businesses of all sizes. We produce TV ads, Infomercials, corporate videos and DRTV from script-to-screen including talent casting and post production.

We will work with you to produce a high quality infomercial that increases your inbound sales leads, captures your audiences and convert them into buyers.

Featured Video – Eurolift Cosmetic Surgery – The power of infomercials in promoting beauty enhancement procedures.

American Video Group is a complete video production services company providing: creative development, script writing, infomercial production, cameras, lighting, production crews, talent casting and complete post-production.

Infomercial are usually made up of 3 lengths; short-form, long-form and micro-form. Whereas the long-form is most remembered, short-form infomercials provide dynamic and cost effective advertising for web and local TV.

Short-Form infomercials (known as TV or DRTV commercials) are generally 30 seconds to 60 seconds long and are primarily created for local and region TV markets. Short-form commercial spots deliver a short compelling message that makes the phones ring and drives traffic to your website. Short form commercials can extend the life of your existing long-form infomercial and introduce your brand to potential new customers.

Long-Form – Infomercials are typically 30 to 60 minute “shows”, that convey the info, features, benefits and value proposition of a product through predetermined formats, such as: hosted talks shows, product demonstrations, product testimonials and documentary. Long-Form infomercials are ideal for new product launches and create an educational platform to explain your products advantages.

Micro-Form – Infomercials are the shortest in length, 30 seconds or less, and are widely used online for web and online advertising.

Infomercials are distinctly broken out into formats such as: hosted talk show, product demonstrations, live-caller (telethon format), testimonial, documentary and Brand-Equity. American Video Group has been successfully producing infomercials in Los Angeles since 1988, for products in: Sports, Medicine, Diet & Nutrition, Health & Fitness, Financial Services, Beauty & Cosmetics and even Meditation!

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