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How to write half-hour infomercial scripts

by Michael Paragon – American Video Group excels at creating Informercials also known as Direct Response TV (DRTV). Our multiple award winning informercials, speak volumes about American Video Group’s track record and founder / producer, John Berzner.  John has co-written and produced dozens of informercials and is well known for creating script-to-screen informercials for brands such as Maxiglide®. Contact American Video Group today to discuss a custom scripted informercial and shoot. Here is an interesting insight from the Examiner’s look at Informercial script writing:

Infomercial scripts may run to 28 1/2 minutes broadcast of air time. Writers may think of a 30-minute script as 35 pages of writing. See, “Infomercial Creative Components | Guide to Infomercial Marketing.” But writers sometimes write movements timed at one minute each with the movements consisting of product features.

Here’s How Direct Response TV Commercials Are Defined:

Direct Response Television (DRTV) — Any television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly by calling a toll free number or logging onto a website to order the advertised product or service.There are two types of DRTV: long form and short form. Industry experts use the term “infomercials” to denote long form DRTV and “spots” to denote short form DRTV.

Short form (otherwise referred to as “spots”) — Typically 120 seconds in length, but given media availability, could be shorter (e.g. 60 seconds).

Long form (otherwise referred to as “infomercials”) — Typically 30 minutes, but can also include programs that are 5 minutes in length and 15 minutes in length.

Interested in writing infomercial scripts or possibly producing infomercials for vendors or advertising agencies or trade show events? If so, here are some instructional suggestions about how to write infomercials for the media. You can work ‘culture’ into media through the slice-of-life infomercial.

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