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Informercials that make you cringe!

Posted by Michael Paragon – What happens when infomercials go wrong? The Huffington Post got it right and their Informercial Goofs video is too funny/sad not to share. American Video Group prides itself on exemplary Informercial and Video Production and could have saved the Huffington Posts, worst listed Informercials Nominees, a world of pain.

Live TV is a dangerous business to be in. That’s why it’s so hard not to feel a little bad for the snake oil salesmen and women, who are injured, insulted and otherwise humiliated in the name of selling useless knick-knacks on TV.

Still, knowing that their income is derived from swindling the elderly, gullible and lonely lessens the icky feeling that comes from watching the usual FAIL videos. Consider it the Coke Zero of schadenfreude. From the Huffington Post:

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