American Video Group is a Los Angeles based video and multimedia communications company
Telephone: 310-477-1535


American Video Group offers complete production from concept to completion:

  • Video production – pre-production and post production
  • Television Commercials – “Television Is still The Medium” for commercials and infomercials
  • Documentaries
  • DRTV Infomercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Videos for web
  • Complete production from concept to completion
  • Commercials including Public Service Announcements (PSA)
  • Video News Release (VNR)
  • Electronic Press Kits (EPK)

American Video Group is a full service production company engaged in the highest quality of video productions for broadcast, commercial and corporate communications. Your complete production solution. Our award-winning creative team transforms concepts into polished and effective productions, from scripting and storyboards to shooting and editing, we turn projects into exciting and effective television.

For nearly 30 years, we have put special emphasis on the planning and producing of a vast variety of programs. Our internal mandate is to make each production an experience of extraordinary quality.

At AMERICAN VIDEO GROUP, our diverse experience with advertising translates into programming that leads to explosive sales. As a production/marketing hybrid, we have applied our expertise to more than 100 direct response television campaigns.

We create advertising that entertains, informs and generates proven results

Direct Response TV (DRTV)
American Video Group is dedicated to developing brands, so that they have the recognition, positioning, and marketing to become a success in the world marketplace. American video group is world famous for its DRTV campaigns. Clients from all over the world come to Los Angeles to shoot their DRTV infomercials with us.

With 20 Years of television production experience, American Video Group has created a wide variety of entertainment programs.

Corporate videos
Studies have shown that on average you have between 8-10 seconds to keep a potential customer on your website once they have landed. Utilize corporate web videos to trigger their acceptance of your company. Video can inspire potential customers to delve deeper into your website and learn more about your services. In-depth videos that concentrate on specific aspects of your business can pull your visitors into different parts of your website and create a direct response. American Video Group has produced videos for a wide range of business sectors including: Image, Education, New Products, Training, Fund Raising and Manufacturing.

Post production-editing
American Video Group offers state of the art online avid editing, the industry standard for post production.  Our digital audio voiceover and sweeting studio lets you enrich your project with the highest quality sound to accompany your project’s visual design.

AMERICAN VIDEO GROUP is a complete one-stop shop of experienced professionals who consistently deliver the highest quality video production work without compromise.

What may be of particular interest is our company’s range of expertise with a variety of corporate projects. From training to product marketing, AVG helps clients create and deliver targeted Corporate Communications to a diverse audience.