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What Good Social Video Marketing is Made of

American Video Group Founder, John Berzner, is a guest blogger at illuminate Hollywood Studios and explains: What Good Social Video Marketing is Made of

John Berzner

The Age of Technology has brought changes throughout every aspect of human life. We do not sleep, eat, drink, or spend time in the same ways as our ancestors. Even if you go back just a couple decades, the advances in information technology have drastically changed how people spend their free time. The change in leisure activities has also marked a change in how companies advertise. When the market was the meeting place for societies, vendors simply called out their wares and prices. As print came into the world, advertisements were placed on fliers and in newspapers. Broadcast media put advertising jingles into the air and eventually led to the television commercials that dominated marketing before the dawn of the Internet era. Now, we are in the time of Social Video.

What Is Social Video?

“Social Video” can be thought of as the concept  ofcreating video content or other marketing tools specifically with the goal of interacting with and drawing in people through social media. It is a strategy that takes advantage of the behavioral patterns people exhibit in order to gain maximum advertising impact. It took the combination of high speed networking, the development of small electronics platforms, and the creation of both social and video hosting sites to create the environment in which social video evolved.

read article  What Good Social Video Marketing is Made of illuminate Hollywood.

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