American Video Group is a Los Angeles based video and multimedia communications company
Telephone: 310-477-1535

Video Production

American Video Group is an award-winning video production / marketing hybrid with over 25 years experience and more than 200 campaigns. Our clients include; advertising and public relations agencies, television and Internet networks, and numerous corporations.

As a Production/Marketing hybrid, we comprehend the dynamics and strategy behind high-impact video communications and have the creative skills to translate them into highly effective productions.

We specialize in making “complex products” easy to comprehend.

Such products are bought through rational processes.

This requires marketing expertise + technology, know-how and persuasive content. Our videos are impactful and generate active interest in products and services from qualified prospects.

Your unique campaign objectives are at the core of our strategy.

Web video: With buyers staying elusive longer these days, it is essential to create strategies to reach, attract and engage these buyers through digital content and communications.

We have delivered hundreds of video’s in a variety of styles, languages, and formats including; On-line/ /DVD//Streaming at a fraction of the cost of the competition… And they’re incredibly effective.

We’re here to help you. Give us a call to find out more. 310-477-1535