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Maxiglide – Direct Response Television Campaign

American Video Group direct response television campaign is responsible for delivering over One Million Maxiglide units for Maxius Beauty.

Posted by Michael Paragon – Maxius Beauty, LLC (“Maxius”) develops and markets an innovative line of top quality hair care products and styling tools. These products are among the most innovative products in the beauty industry, and are sought after by beauty professional and consumers alike.

The product line includes Maxiglide, a unique and innovative hair-straightening device with several exclusive features, protected by three functional patents. Over One Million Maxiglide units have been sold in the United States, thanks primarily to AMERICAN VIDEO GROUP’S Direct Response Television (“DRTV”) campaign that launched the product line.

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In addition, Maxius has developed a complete line of liquid hair products, including four “superstar” products:

The End, a silicon shine enhancer and hair protector, Beyond Straight, a humidity resistant heat protector, hairsPLAY, a non-sticky combable working hairspray, and Liftoff, a root liter spray which adds amazing volume to hair roots. These consumable products are designed to work in conjunction with Maxiglide and Maxius’ other beauty products, which together provide a complete, branded line of hair care products.

The Company’s management has developed two new models of the Maxiglide device, along with several line extensions that are anticipated to generate sales of millions of units, both through Direct Response Television (DRTV) and expanded retail distribution. They intend to make needed adjustments to the latest infomercial, and then launch a new media campaign starting October 2012.


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